Code: AVOP-112 | Released Date: 01 Sep 2015 | Length: 240 min(s)

Movie Title: AVOP-112 Once Enrolled In Bimbo Girls’ School Became Co-ed From This Year … In Rainy Day Man Slut!Unrelated Servant To The Woman Because ● School Was Famous As A Bimbo ● School In The Girls’ School Yet Local Became Co-educational Until Last Year, Admission To Inflated Expectations And Dick! ! ( AVOP-112 今年から共学になったヤリマン女子校に入学したら…まさかのヤリチンに!去年まで女子校しかも地元でヤリマン●校として有名だった●校が共学になったので女に無縁なボクは、期待とアソコを膨らませて入学!! )